VSBespoke TrunkShow

Last week GWD went to discover the initial work of this new born brand, VSBespoke at the suggestive location of Five Stars Park Hyatt Hotel in the heart of Milano.
VSB is a new concept brand, specialized in man collections, with a special attention to sartorial world and exclusive lifestyle.
VSBespoke offers total look service for private customers, their motto is: every request can be satisfied.

VSB produces suites, made only by best english and italian fabrics: every single step is made by hand by great young tailors.

Suits, jackets, coats and shirts, are well finished in every single detail: every customer is special, it is important to know his style, his job, in order to make him feel confortable everyday, in every occasion.

VSB is created by two italian guys:

Vincenzo Spezie (Instagram account @vinci20) is a young guy  awho collaborated for few years with companies as Isaia and Rikiel Hommes.
Santo Barilla’ (Instagram account @santobarilla) is a very known person in lifestyle world and GWD Style Icon.
Together try to do items of high standard for quality and innovation.

Enjoy the exclusive photo gallery taken by Charley.

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