#ThePace – Season 1 w/ Jaguar

Another #RideWithGWD story is ready to be told and this time in Amsterdam for the worldwide launch of Dua Lipa x Jaguar collaboration.

Testing the new I-PACE

A drive around the canals with the new Jaguar IPACE.

Dua Lipa x Jaguar

After the drive we all went to Dua Lipa concert.

British/Kosovan singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has collaborated with Jaguar to make music in a completely new way. Using Jaguar’s custom-made software, she created an exclusive remix of her latest track, ‘Want To’ and empowered fans all over the world to create personalised remixes using their own data – from the way they drive, the songs they listen to, or by tapping a rhythm on a mobile.

Over a million different remixes are possible, with multiple tempos and versions based on a range of music genres from hip-hop and dance, to orchestral, pop music and drum and bass.

The track has already become the most remixed song in history following its launch at an exclusive gig at Sugar City in Amsterdam, where music fans, stars from across Europe and all of us which drove the all-electric I-PACE created  alternative versions.

Another #RideWithGWD experience has come to an end, with love & style Charlene and Fabrizio.

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