Mr. Angel Ramos – alla Grandissima!

Alla Grandissima! is an Italian exclamation we got to use last January during Pitti 85 while we were having an unforgettable dinner in a cozy and warm restaurant in downtown Florence.
At that dinner Angel and myself with the rest of the clique (Gianni Fontana, Luca Lanzoni, Michael Pretolani and our lovely ladies Charley, Faith) started to cheer to our beautiful long distance international friendship and to the magic that every season happens during Pitti time.
Alla Grandissima! became our motto for all the three days and now every time we meet or chat it comes up again!
Then after some months finally Mr. Angel Ramos hits GWD network with an exclusive shooting by Charley .
Enjoy it and the next time someone asks you How are you? you know how to reply “alla GRANDISSIMA!”.

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