What is inspiration?
The first time I met Michael the answer  suddenly came up. Michael Pretolani is just the living expression of what inspiration means; having his father as leading reference of dandy style, Michael grew up absorbing inspiration from everything that surrounded him; from movies to the streets, passing through his innate devotion for details. Inspiration is about building your own style, and in this sense Michael is very unique.

The way he combines clothes, matches colours, materials and patterns, the way he puts attention to the details is an extraordinary example of how a beautiful and passionate human being could be uncommonly stylish.
His beard, his rings, his hats and bags distinct Michael from every one at Pitti; his sweet heart, infinite availability and his incredible kindness even more.
Being a gentleman is all about that, not only the style you show off, but mostly the style people can’t see, your inner and private gentleman soul.

We are so proud of knowing Michael and sharing this exclusive Charley shooting with you fam.

Enjoy ❤

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