La Zanzara, a modern italian bistrot with an international soul

La Zanzara, a modern italian bistrot with an international soul, that’s the way we like to describe this restaurant in the heart of Rome; with this review we open the new column #DinewithGWD.

The first impression as you enter into the club is the lively and versatile 20’s atmosphere, with a modern touch of Italian style.

The furniture, the perfect attention to the details, the wood used for chairs and tables, big mirrors in liberty style around the room gives a very particular light makes which you feel comfortable.

La Zanzara offers you an All Day Long formula, so you can have breakfast, lunch, or just an happy hour and dinner; this is a place where you can relax, and enjoy tasty food and excellent wines, recently becoming a hot spot for gourmet food in Rome.
As a true Italian restaurant the most important values are quality, innovation alwayes keeping an eye on tradition; here you’ll find fresh home made pasta and top notch quality organic products, a perfect combination for those who appreciate good food in all his simplcity, taking a look at the big grill of the kitchen, with a great selection of meats.

The variegated wines list is composed by historical italian brands and uprising producers; furthermore La Zanzara serves delicious cocktails thanks to their qualified bartenders that could offer you a lot of tasty and unique mixes.
The gastronomy corner is rich of the famous brand from italy and all around the world. You can find from the “Foie Gras” to the le “Alici del Cantabrico” (special variety of anchovies) for example, and you can smell and lost your self in a great selection of cheeses and cured meats.

#DineWithGWD Selection

We  went for a light but very tasty menu as follow:


Buffalo mozzarella from Campania
Toasted bread with Burrata cheese, Anchovy sauce and sautéed chicory
Cod Tempura with Grilled Pepper Coulis

First Dish

Carbonara handmade pasta with Cheek Lard, Pecorino Cheese, Black Pepper and Parisi Egg.

Second Dish

Red Shrimp tartare with avocado.
Gazpacho with Red Shrimp scented with thyme and croutons.


Red fruits Cheesecake

Venue details

Address: Via Crescenzio, 84 (Angolo Via Varrone) Rome

Bon appetit, from GWD!

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