Hello welcome back on GWD and this is the third episode of our tour through Apulian excellences.
Today we want to introduce Tagliatore (www.tagliatore.com), one of top clothing brands in terms of fabrics, production processes and creativity in design.

Tagliatore, a brand with a strong evocative meaning, born from the family tradition, has now been represented for many years through a simple creative image but efficient from a comunicative point of view.
A case history with a strong emotional impact which puts in first place the product in all its stylistic brilliance.
The evocation of the fashion design perceived from the style that it represents, always similar in its preparation but different in content.
Enhancing the manufacturing sector with its Made in Italy, it lays the foundations for expansion on the international markets, which are continuously demanding quality intended as taste and innovation. While most of the italian manufacturing companies have moved their production to countries where the cost of labour is lower, the Lerario company has continued to count on the great professionality of its 180 valued collaborators, producing within its own factory about 340 garments a day, which are then distributed to about 800 clients in Italy and abroad.

We met Pino Lerario Tagliatore’s Creative Director, a true dapper man and hereafter you can enjoy the exclusive gallery.

ph. Charley

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