John Sheep

This is the last day’s report from that beautiful trip to Puglia.
We stopped at Martina Franca to meet with Vito Pastore and his son Giuseppe founders and owners of the family brand John Sheep (

The company was founded in 2000 while John Sheep brand was born in 2008 when Vito left his lawyer career to fully dedicate his efforts in his greatest passion. The whole production is inspired by the “Neapolitan tradition”, the single-breasted or double-breasted jackets are strictly soft , with high “revers” and shoulder which fit the harmony of the body and backward inclined seams, with side or center vents, pockets with patches or flaps, ticket pocket, skinny sleeves with open slots.

The whole tailoring process is then enhanced by accessories in natural fibers, buttons in mother of pearl and  horn of “Corozo”.
The brand identifies a new product (jersey jackets) that maintains the tailoring characteristics with an added value that goes beyond the usual ” vintage” with new manufacturing details. The ultra Vintage becomes the philosophy of the new brand for men the third millennium.

Enjoy the exclusive set taken by Charley.

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