Sartoria Formosa

We are almost at the end of GWD Loves Napoli series and today we will talk about Sartoria Formosa, another small taylor shop in the heart of Napoli.
We first met Gennaro at his shop dealing with some customers and then he started to tell us the story of Sartoria Formosa, a passionate story of art.

An art that has been handed down from father to son, as in the best traditions. It is the art of Neapolitan tailoring. It is art of Mario Formosa (Gennaro’s Father) Today, as sixty years ago. A tradition that transcends all boundaries, that goes to the heart of people from Mario to Gennaro, today like sixty years ago.
Sartoria Formosa is Napoli in the world and it is the Neapolitan tailoring.
Year 1951. A premonitory dream. “I will become a tailor.” The dream is realized, shortly. Riding Via Chiaia, the place where it all began, the place where taste and tradition go hand in hand. Mario was 22 years old and a future ahead of him.
This passion inside but, above all, his innate art. Naples, Milan and London.
This is the tradition that transcends all boundaries, ready to break the barriers of time. Nothing has changed, riding Via Chiaia towards the showroom Sartoria Formosa.

Mario has gone, but his art will never die.

Gennaro Formosa, Mario’s son, is a witness. Even if he chose another path, degree in Economics, director of a pharmaceutical company, then a sudden intuition.
“It’s 2005. I become a member of a shirts laboratory, two years later I decided to detect it. “Today Sartoria Formosa is a brand wher mastery of technique and creativity have remained intact, moving with the times. The rest is history. Tailored suits, fine tailored shirts hand-embroidered like the old Neapolitan tradition, are also available in Naples, as in Milan.

Then we had the chance to have a look around the shop and take some pictures.
So enjoy this exclusive gallery taken by Charley.

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