#GrownNSexyUrbanNight – A creative music project by DJ Faber Zee

#GrownNSexyUrbanNight is a creative music project launched in 2018 by Fabrizio Oriani aka DJ Faber Zee, Paolo Dolce and Charlene Williams.

#GrownNSexy Manifesto

Our values, our path, our goals…


Urban Culture defines our roots, our childhood dreams, our values and desires.


In order to make you live a unique and bespoke party experience, we created #GrownNSexyDrinkList (in collaboration with the young and talented bartender Vittorio Prigioni) for you to enjoy five special recipes associated with five famous Old School Urban Music bangers!


The #GrownNSexyClique is an exclusive club of Urban Music connoisseurs who represents our love for OldSchool Urban Music, style, culture and core values during our exclusive parties.
#GrownNSexyClique is a creative project by Giacomo Perotti and Fabrizio Oriani.


aka DJ Faber Zee

Founder & Creative Director at GWD, digital creator, music connoisseur, dreamer.

aka Mr. P

Milanese, biker, music producer and connoisseur, baller, dreamer.

Charlene Williams
aka Queen Charley

Official Photographer of GWD, artist, singer, freelance model, goddess

We don’t use traditional PRs, we thus personally invite only people who love this kind of music, our goal is to create a family of OldSchool Urban Music Lovers who enjoy to party in a Grown & Sexy way!

So if you wanna join our family, please check here for future events and more info!

Fabrizio, Paolo and Charlene.

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